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Encoder manufacturerEncoder types
Magnetic encoders, spindle minicoders

LB 1 Lenord + Bauer automates motion - providing solutions for complex automation requirements since 1965, in close cooperation with their customers. Robust solutions, innovative ideas, sound technical know-how and constant development – that's what you can expect from L+B
- MiniCODERS incremental GEL2432, GEL2440, GEL2443, GEL2444K, GEL2444T, GEL2448, Absolute GEL2800,
- Incremental encoders
- Absolute encoders
- Speed sensors
- Odometer
- Redundant encoders with 2 outputs for extra safety
- Temperature sensor
- PowerDRIVE
- Control systems
- Tower oscillation monitor
Absolute Rotary Encoders and Inclinometers

positalFraba Posital - provides high precision industrial optical and magnetic encoders, inclinometers
- OPTOCODE - Absolute Optical Rotary Encoders
- MAGNETOCODE - Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoders
- EXAG - Explosion Proof Absolute Rotary Encoders with ATEX certification
- Accessories
- Inclinometers
Industrial incremental cube encoders, vision systems

fsiFSI Technologies Inc. has been a trusted, engineering oriented manufacturer of automation products and electronics since 1959. FSI manufactures a full line of rotary optical encoders, photo-electric sensors and controls for use in industrial applicationsfsi 1
- FSI incremental rotary encoders
- Machine Vision Systems, Neurocheck
- Hyd-Mech Incremental Encoder MBE-3122-1000-QH - please call for price and delivery
celescoCelesco - supplies cable pull adapters for DEEM rotary encoders - cable pull adapters (extension up to 1700") for rotary encoders
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